My Story

Hi, my name is Todd Ramos and I’m the ‘SEO Guy’. Need help with search engine optimization or web marketing in general? Then I’m your guy!

So how did I get to this point? Well like every good super hero, I have an origin story of sorts – though it doesn’t involve gamma rays or radioactive spiders. Rather, I began my story as a mild mannered hockey fan, a rather HUGE hockey fan actually, who wanted to share that passion with the denizens of the web. I had rather hoped – like many site owners – that my passion for the sport alone and dedication to writing great content would be enough to help my site rise to the forefront and get me an audience. I had a ‘build it and they will come’ attitude to my site, but quickly realized that was a rather naïve view of the web.

As it turns out, passion sadly isn’t enough because there are millions of passionate people out there all with sites vying for our attention. Further, Google doesn’t recognize abstract concepts like ‘passion’ or ‘witty charm’; instead it relies on simple algorithms to connect viewers with content. In short, I learned that a site doesn’t get viewers unless it’s promoted and promoted well. It’s a simple equation.

So I started reading up on SEO and devouring all the information I could. I simply directed that passion for hockey into my research into SEO and then did the crucial legwork necessary to start building a huge links profile that would get me indexed. I wasn’t interested in short cuts or in spammy methods – I just wanted legitimate strategies that I could work at in order to find an audience. The dream of writing about what I loved as a living spurred me on.

And in time my diligence paid off. SEO really is that simple if you’re just willing to play by the rules and put in the effort, and pretty soon I started to rank for keywords like ‘watch NHL’, ‘live hockey’, ‘NHL online’ and other great keyphrases… and then the visitors came. Wow – I was really living the dream and it felt great. I was making money doing what I loved: watching and writing about my favourite sport. I was my own boss, I had a much healthier income, and I connected with a huge number of fascinating people. It’s a funny thing success – it’s never quite what you expect, but for me it possibly felt even better.

Sadly though that period was rather short-lived. What I hadn’t realized in my eagerness to succeed, was that I was actually in violation of a trademark belonging to the NHL. Once I started ranking for the term they promptly got in touch and I had to start over. A hard lesson learned, but with the knowledge I now had, it would be no problem to rebuild. I just needed a new direction…

And so fate came knocking once again, this time when my friend asked me if I could do the same for one of his sites. This was a fantastic opportunity to test whether or not I’d be able to strike lightning twice, so once again I spent countless hours researching SEO (you have to stay current with new developments – that’s another lesson I learned) and then systematically applying what I knew to get his site ranking for a number of popular keyphrases. The good news? It worked again, and it wasn’t long before he was getting the same kind of traffic I had done with my hockey site (in fact a little bit more!). He was now one very happy customer and that gave me an idea – as my skill was in SEO, that’s what I should focus on. I donned my cape, and became ‘Todd, SEO Guy’ and never looked back.

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