Top SEO Myths To Forget In 2015

We are already one-quarter into 2015 and the year for the World Wide Web started off rough with a few bad hitches around certain SEO issues. Firstly, White Board Friday by Moz, was overwhelmed by unfounded negatives about their industry. Also, around £250,000 was given as a prize to a guy on U.K. Apprentice, who was going to sell SEO services that lack quality. Hence, we should actually reset and get started on the right foot again. The SEO industry is starting to get a bad reputation due to certain bad myths. In this article, you will learn about a few of them that need to be forgotten.

Good SEO comes at a bargain


One of the few reasons why Mark E Wright, from the UK version of the reality series called Apprentice, was able to convince Lord Sugar that a four hundred pounds per month service would be profitable was because how people perceived what SEO service were and what they meant. When you sign up for an SEO service, you are not only hiring a professional to throw up some links, edit a few title tags or tweet occasionally. This type of SEO strategy could have worked maybe five years ago, but today the aforementioned is either inadequate or obsolete, and may even accrue huge expenses on your company’s bank account.

One simply cannot rely on cheap services and expect them to be good because SEO is an ever-changing industry and there are always amendments to tools and algorithms in website visibility. In other words, you are also hiring a knowledge base and not just another do-it-for-me service. No one in the SEO industry works for cheap to give the premium service you need. In most cases, they might be able to work within your budget, but if they are offering you a service for only a hundred dollars per month, you need to be wary of what they can actually offer you in terms of value.

Build and wait during link-building

If you are planning to launch a new site, it is pertinent that you generate content with a link plan. A website needs links to compete as these are votes that show how people like or care about your site. Google looks at these votes rather highly. Unfortunately, myths stating that link-building is bad are still circulating around today – don’t believe those myths!

Link buying is the one that is bad as it has the potential to bring down your site. Good link-building is the process of acquiring links through proper and ethical means, which is essential to a highly trafficked and well-positioned website.

Though there is a saying that content is king, you should not concentrate solely on your content marketing as it will not guarantee all the visits. However, you should still continue churning out quality content. You should also keep in mind that you cannot just build and wait for links to mature on your site. It can take hours to search and promote a good and quality link to your website.

SEO is dead

Assuming that SEO is dead is probably one of the most overused click baits written by people who know nothing about the SEO industry. Believing the aforementioned is like wanting to lose the search game. The number one way to get people to visit your site is by organic searches, even if they are utilizing mobile devices. SEO will never die as long as there is the presence of algorithms that help position a site.

Hence, when someone informs you not to bother too much with SEO, you are at risk of losing out on a huge portion of your site traffic and visibility – if you believe them. Also, you should remove the mentality that SEO is another add-on service. SEO possesses the potential to reach millions as opposed to traditional methods like billboards or yellow pages. The world is like your oyster, and treating your SEO budget as a necessity, can help you reap more benefits than you can expect.

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