Why SEO?



Why SEO? It’s a fair question and one that a lot of new businesses and site owners might find themselves asking. With the plethora of different marketing options out there, and the recent updates to Google causing so much fuss in the industry, what makes this ‘SEO Guy’ so sure that SEO can help?

Well I know that SEO works because I’ve seen it work, countless times. Read ‘My Story’ to hear about what the right SEO techniques did for my hockey site and later my friend and you’ll see that I know what I’m talking about.

The point is that no matter how big social media marketing gets, or how useful CPC campaigns may be, the majority of us still find new sites on the web by using Google’s organic search results. If you wanted to use a new service, or find information online, then that’s the route you’d take, right? Well so will your visitors.

All SEO means is optimizing your site for that traffic, and designing the on-page elements and link profile in such a way that it meets Google’s guidelines and is indexed as thoroughly as possible. Google has changed it’s true, but the sites that suffered were the ones that used spammy techniques to try and take shortcuts and ‘trick’ Google’s spiders. I’ve always been about building links on only best quality sites, networking with other experts in the industry, writing great content and putting in real time and effort; and guess what? Those methods still work like a charm.

And when you get SEO right it’s truly an invaluable tool. As we’ve seen, it will still connect you with the best and most relevant traffic out there, but at the same time it’s also much longer lasting than other methods (unlike CPC advertising which stops as soon as you stop paying), much more targeted and much cheaper. SEO is still championing the little guy, and it’s still the only way that a small start-up can take on a huge corporation with more resources and win. You’ve just got to be willing to put in the leg work, to stay up to date and to avoid shortcuts and nonsense.

Want someone who knows what they’re doing to do that leg work for you? Want to see the value of SEO yourself first hand? Well then get in touch today and we’ll talk!


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